In the late 20th century, the internet exploded and this led to the formation of the information age, which has led to today’s largest companies, Facebook, Google and many others. A lot of businesses have adapted to these changes, this is not the same case however for most Zimbabwean businesses, which still spend a lot of money on traditional marketing such as radio and television. This has all changed as businesses have now adopted online means of marketing for better reach and faster growth all at a low cost. A realisation of this led to the formation of Oathlet Media, a fast mover in the digital marketing space with the vision of moving Zimbabwean businesses to the new TV stations of marketing, i.e. social media, search engines and other forms of digital marketing. We exist to assist entities enhance their digital presence in the new information age and have a distinct competitive advantage.

Digital marketing in Zimbabwe

Oathlet Media is a digital marketing agency in Zimbabwe that helps companies to attain maximum internet exposure and presence to clients. We achieve this through unique strategies, ideas, planning and management for social media, email, website, search engines and brand design


Our skilled, innovative and experienced team enjoy helping business owners to establish a strong online presence through vibrant digital marketing strategies and appealing websites that attract the interest and attention of targeted audiences

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