Corporate Logo Design

Our vision of graphic designing services is based on certain principles that we have used to develop Logo Design Service, a service that has over the years won the commendation of both its clients and its competitors. We want you to understand what kind of exclusive benefits you can gain from getting your company logo design made by us. Following are these eight remarkable benefits. Read through the end and decide for yourself.

Corporate logo designing

Custom logo design to create an identity that will:

  • Make your small business look “BIG” and “Professional”

  • Keep your business or product on the forefront of your customers' and partners' minds

  • Give the impression that you’ve been around for some time and committed to deliver your promises

  • Make it easier for your customers to spot your brand in the market clutter

  • Trigger your customers’ awe when they set their eyes upon it


Your small business logo will be designed after rigorous research of your business, customers, competition etc. Your custom logo designs will translate well across different mediums, evoking the same meaning whether it’s a business card or a billboard. Also, they will reproduce well in black and white.

Expert logo designers to make your business stand-out from competition

We have a group of professional designers with a wide-range of experience of working with an array of businesses for developing the corporate logo design they loved. Having said that, we don’t claim we have covered each and every known business industry. Specific industry experience is always good to have, but the thing to look for is the “PROCESS”. Our designing process includes thorough industry research before laying out any concepts.

We have a sizeable and versatile portfolio where you may find many logos to suit your preferences.

Logo designer Zimbabwe
Logo designing services in Harare, Zimbabwe

Personalized attention by our customer services team

Get extremely personalized and knowledgeable assistance for your company logo design order, available whenever you want it. A representative will be dedicated to your account to foster a personal relationship to ensure better understanding of your requirements, faster turnaround time, and increased quality control.Once your order is assigned to a designer, this representative will keep constant tabs on the correspondence and act as a bridge between you and the designer whenever needed to make sure the design of your company logo is produced just as you want it.