Digital Marketing Strategies to help you grow


Understanding target audience

Setting goals

Choosing Mediums


Applying planned elements

Testing practices & techniques

SEO practices

Measuring Results


Comparisons for tests


Measuring Results

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing services in Zimbabwe. Market your business, reach more customers and boost your revenu using digital marketing

At Oathlet, we have realised that at the core of our services is a vibrant marketing strategy. We assist entrepreneurs and business owners to come up with vibrant digital marketing strategies that span from Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and vibrant website marketing.


We come up with objectives for the digital marketing process that are backed by the organisation’s overall goals. The objectives will be split into long term and short term objectives that aid us in the process of coming up with daily, weekly, monthly and annual targets for the services that we will be offering. After coming up with objectives a concise plan is brought up on how these targets will be met, a budget is drafted and we are in business. It's obviously more complex than this, but that's the brief….