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Digital Marketing Audit

Get a FREE  digital marketing audit report

What's a digital marketing audit

A digital marketing audit is a thorough inspection of a company's digital marketing efforts with the aim of identifying where to make adjustments and improvements. This involves an inspection of digital channels like social media, websites, search engine marketing, mobile applications, email, content and more. 

How we do it


We ask you to fill a short onboarding questionnaire so that we can understand your online marketing efforts (We might contact you directly for additional information)


We assess your social media, website and any other digital marketing tools that you use. We assess your marketing tools against your set marketing and business objectives as well as industry best practices. We also look at your marketing technology, digital strategies, competitors as well as brand consistency


We produce a FREE report that details where you need to make adjustments or improvements and any other recommendations that we think can help you get more clients

We do this all for your FREE of charge

Signs that you need a digital marketing audit

  1. Your current digital marketing efforts are not generating any new leads

  2.  You’re falling behind your competition

  3. You are not meeting your sales target or you noticed a recent drop in your sales

  4. You are experiencing a high bounce rate

  5. You need to establish a strong online presence

  6. Low social media engagement

  7. Low website traffic (new and returning visitors)

How to get started

Kindly provide the following info and we will contact you further

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