• Bruce

5 Social Media Marketing Myths You Should Ignore

A lot of things that being said about social media marketing are wrong... they are merely myths. It is unfortunate that some people have come to believe these myths. You need to ignore these myths and start doing the right thing.

5 myths you should ignore:

1. You should join all social media platforms immediately

You cannot simply set up profiles on all social media platforms. It is advisable to first do proper research to determine which platforms are suitable for your business. You definitely need social media platforms that give you results so don't be afraid to try out different platforms, This will allow you to know which ones to keep.

2. Social media metrics cannot be measured

All social media platforms provide some form of analytics that allows you to understand and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can also use various other third party software to measure your metrics and understand your audience.

3. Only young people use social media

This is 2021, all ages are only social media! Over 55% of users on platforms like Facebook, Linkedln and Youtube are over 40 years of age. You just have to identify which social media platforms your target audience prefer to use and what proportion do they constitute

4. The latest social media platforms (e.g Clubhouse and TikTok) are not worth taking seriously

Although these new platforms are dominated by a relatively younger generation, businesses can still take advantage of their massive organic reach to establish brand awareness

5. Negative feedback can be ignored

Negative feedback directed to the business via social media provides valuable lessons that can be used to improve a business's products/services or customer service. Respond and listen to your customers!