7 Affordable Marketing Strategies For Every Zimbabwean Small Business

Are you looking to start generating more revenue for your small business in the same bracket as big businesses do? Of course you are.

Every business wants to:

  • Make more sales

  • Invite more users

  • Have more signups

  • Have more subscribers

But the problem lies in how to get them quickly and at a relatively low cost.

Thankfully, there are solutions where you don't have to outspend everyone else for your business to start making profits. Instead, you just need to turn on your creative marketing brain and apply marketing strategies that will enable you to build a successful business.

Here are 7 affordable marketing strategies that will help every small business in Zimbabwe make more profits this summer:

1. Look for legit and reliable partners

Partnering with another business that has a similar target customer base can help you both increase your reach and marketing abilities, if you put your heads and resources together to build your brands. You can share email lists, exchange blogs, bundle offerings or even co-brand ads or sponsorships, you can create win-win situations for both partners.

2. Don't let your social media channels run dry

Having your own social channels allows you to build a community around your product or service. It's also a great place to build user-generated content, get feedback or even address customer service concerns. Most of your potential customers will check your social channels to see if they can trust the business, hence maintaining a presence can actually help conversion rates.

High value activities you can do through your social media channels that will benefit your business:

  • Offer lots of valuable and free information that your audience wants to know about

  • Listen to your customers, don't block DMs

  • Stand for something that will make those who agree with you follow along

  • Be original

3. Understand the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Over the past months since the pandemic hit, people searching for information online has significantly increased. This should give you more reason to start optimizing your website for SEO. Through strategic SEO, you can introduce yourself to leads with a high need or are ready to spend, which can make this kind of business easier to close.

For example, if a customer searches for help with a problem and your website comes up on top, this will position you as a credible, trustworthy source they can turn to when they need help.

4. Affiliate programs will invite more eyes to your business

Affiliates are a cost-effective way to build sales without adding large fixed marketing costs like advertising. Find affiliates who are properly incentivized to promote your products or services and are willing to be only rewarded if they are successful. Your affiliates can be influencers or content publishers, and you can structure a plan to pay based on clicks, leads or sales.

5. Make Use of Google My Business

Google My Business is a useful tool if your business is a local business with a local customer base. When people in the local area search on Google for the product or service you provide, your business will appear near the top of that search providing them with your business location and contact details

6. Facebook is still a gold mine. Use It!

One of the best ways you can target a specific group is using Facebook Ads. Setting up advertising on Facebook is easy and relatively inexpensive. It is a great way to help your business reach more potential customers in a short space of time.

7. Have an innovative product/service that can easily be merged into people's lives

Whether it’s a new product/service, none of that matters, your big win comes from finding a way you can market that product/service in such a way that it convinces people or businesses that they can't live without it. Look at how well Apple does its ads. You won't find anything fancy about them. Apple's ads are created in a simple and clear way, giving them the power to connect with customers emotionally by making them feel as being part of something unique and super innovative.

Don’t be afraid to try different marketing strategies, and focus your energy on what works best for your business. There are so many different marketing strategies you can pursue and things you can do to increase your business's visibility, it's a matter of having the right kind of strategy in place.

If you feel that you’d like to know more about setting up marketing strategies that will help your small business become a serious competition, then please feel free to contact us