• Bruce

Marketing on Instagram in Zimbabwe

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

In Zimbabwe, almost everyone is on WhatsApp. Almost 80% of WhatsApp users are active on Facebook, however over the past 3 years the fastest growing social media network in the country in terms of users is Instagram, lastly Snapchat and LinkedIn have specific markets that they operate under. Snapchat has managed to get traction because of the its filter features that most people still use but it's still a very sophisticated platform for most, so we simply use it for pictures now. LinkedIn on the other hand is mainly used by business people for creating professional profiles and today has the best deals for B2B marketing (but that’s a story for another blog).

Instagram Influencers

Recently I conducted a survey, looked for people with 5000 Instagram followers and above, offered them $1 airtime per week (Instagram bundle) for them to market my services on their profiles on a daily basis. Guess what? 96% of them said yes, I am very interested, tell me today, where else can you engage over 5,000 potential clients for $1 per week in Zimbabwe? If I engage 10, I am marketing to 50,000 people every week. How sweet of a deal is that? But well, no one is doing it. It does have its complexities and that's why you may need companies like Oathlet Media to help you.

Instagram Stories

Over 300 million view Instagram Stories every day and one-third of the most viewed Stories come from businesses. It’s no longer a question of whether you should use Stories in your Instagram strategy, but how you should do it.

Consider these seven fresh ideas to spice up your Stories and use them in a way your competitors haven’t yet thought of.

1. Story Highlights to introduce to your brand

When new users land on your Instagram profile, they probably don’t know who you are (yet).

Most accounts usually rely on a short bio to make that first impression – you’ve heard a million times before how important it is to have a great Insta bio that catches the eye, quickly explains what your business does, and convinces new visitors to click that follow button.

However, with the addition of the Highlights feature, the bio section is not the only place where you can tell your brand story. Think of Highlights as a short trailer for your business, and it suddenly becomes a perfect opportunity to show what you’re all about and give a sense of what you offer.

2. Story takeovers by another user

Collaboration with influencers is an ever-growing Instagram trend, but many brands execute it by paying for a few sponsored posts on an influencer’s feed, crossing their fingers, and praying for a few new followers to come through the tag mention.

A Stories takeover – an influencer of choice takes over the brand account for, say, a day, to produce exclusive content – is a relatively new trend on Instagram. Why does a takeover work better than a standard influencer collaboration? The incentive for the influencer’s followers is different. They’re not urged to follow the brand but encouraged by the influencer to see what he or she is doing on the brand’s account. The subtle promotion is more effective if you’re looking to increase reach and drive traffic from Instagram Stories to your site or special offer

3. Polls for audience research

.While polls are a great tool to engage your audience, you can also use them strategically for audience research to create better content that resonates with your followers. Instead of asking something for the pure entertainment, find out what kind of content your audience wants to see on your account.