• Bruce

Oathlet Media's 5 favourite digital marketing tips:

1. Develop a powerful digital marketing strategy - a strategy provides direction for all your marketing efforts... it is the foundation and that's why we advise business owners to get help from a digital marketing agency when creating a strategy. Remember to keep your strategy relevant.

2. Know your product and know your customer - We can't stress the importance of this enough. A deep understanding of your product/service and of your customers enables you to craft relevant messaging and campaigns that actually work

3. Track the right KPIs - Key performance indicators (KPIs) allows you to assess whether or not you are meeting your digital marketing goals. They help you assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts hence the need to track relevant KPIs. Our next post will touch on some of the KPIs every business should be tracking.

4. Incorporate SEO into your overall content strategy - As you put out content remember to strategise around SEO. Incorporate keywords and phrases relevant to your business in your content for better visibility

5. Audit your marketing efforts regularly - You definitely need to know whether or not your marketing efforts are delivering the expected results. An audit helps you identify where to make adjustments and improvements. At Oathlet, we offer a free digital marketing audit (Learn more at:

We believe that every business should be taking advantage of online marketing means to boost awareness and get more leads. We hope that business owners will find these tips useful 😎